Dolphin Reef is one of the few online casino games that offer the chance for you to win real cash money – and for this reason, is rapidly becoming one of the leading casino games on the Internet. Oceanic, except for being infinitely stress-free, can also be your favourite slot theme when playing by yourself, when Dolphin Reef slot machine from Playtech software comes available to give you some real fast & easy money! Playing Dolphin Reef is just a great way to spend an afternoon or evening, and the money you win is likely to make you think twice about whether you could do without a second opinion on the latest theme-park offering! The concept of slot machines has been popular for many years now, but the inclusion of this game as an online casino game has really made it an exciting gaming option for those looking to spend some real time in the comfort of their own homes!

The basic mechanics of this particular slot machine game are easy enough to grasp – basically, all you need to do is click on a dolphin (the icon that resembles an upside down “U” – hence the name) to trigger a spinning wheel which randomly chooses five reels which each correspond to a value, from lowest to highest. When these reels are chosen, they rotate faster, earning you more money as the counting progresses. At the same time, when you encounter a red “X” on the screen you will have to stop and wait for the red light to flash, indicating that an opponent has matched your choice of five reels. You will have up to two minutes to match the number of opponents or you will be obligated to quit the game.

Apart from the regular five reels there is also a special mode called Single Action, which is basically just like the regular game mode, only with a shorter betting time. It’s a good idea to practice this mode first before playing the regular version to get a feel of how it works and feel more confident about betting while playing with a much smaller bankroll. After you’ve mastered Single Action mode you can try out the other modes and play against online players to see how you do. Each mode is designed to challenge you more thoroughly than the regular mode, so even if you’re a beginner it’s important to try out all of them. If you get good at all three of the modes, then you will be able to easily beat all players, who are trying to beat you at dolphin reef!

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