The setting for the famous Dragons Mystery is an ancient hillside village where a dragon has recently emerged victorious in combat with some human merchants. The reels consist of a quartet of bright colored, circular, orange, triangle shaped coins, with 2 lower value coins surrounded by a quartet of round, square shaped, oblong coins. When the “victim” (yes, in every sense of the word) wins the combat and the coin match, the winning player declares that they have “drawn the sword”. Immediately following this, a voice intones “It is done!” The loser must then pick up the sword, take it to their home, kiss the winner and offer a toast to the new King or Queen. At the end of the game, if there are any empty seats, the game is over and it is time for another.

Of course, the real fun and excitement is in trying to figure out how exactly this seemingly impossible riddle is solved! This game is not only fun for those who are very familiar with playing casino games, but is also extremely easy for those who have never played before, as the reels are fairly short. In addition, the design of the “Dances” is very beautiful. Each of the four sides of the square are made of gold coins, which makes the game especially beautiful when viewed through the perspective of a large, 3D computer or television screen. In addition, the fact that there are only eight reels makes the game less complex, which makes it easier to understand for those who are not necessarily “book smart” or who do not thoroughly understand the workings of a standard casino game.

One unique aspect of the reels is that there are a total of ten paylines. While this might sound like an overwhelming number of paylines, it actually helps to keep the game from becoming stale because players can’t get used to seeing the same symbols over again on their screens. Another unique feature of the game involves the fact that there are no reels, and that the player has to do everything by hand. This helps make the game more challenging, but is also very rewarding as well. Overall, Dragons Mystery slots is one of the best casino games out there and is definitely worth your time.

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