The Mega Gems slot machine is a popular casino game in many casinos. When the range of this slot machine game falls to wild, it extends from the center of 2, three or even four reels for players to play more varied substitutions of shapes, icons and other names in the jig deck. In addition, because there are nine circles in a jig, a player is not limited to only the familiar five letters of a word to form words with these particular jigs. You may form words such as “beach”, “baked”, “brush” or even “bay”.

This casino game is closely linked to the Hot Wheel category of slots, one of which pays the winner a set amount of money every time that a wheel spins. Since spinning of a wheel do not take very long in this game, you can easily adjust your initial bets depending on how much you think your winning chances are. In a Hot Wheel game, as in the case of Mega Gems, the initial bets are placed by the player before the start of each game session. As the game proceeds, winning in this game is dependent on the number of bets made by the players throughout the course of a game. The player who makes the most number of correct selections when the wheels begin to turn is the player who will be awarded the prize.

You should also be aware that with increasing numbers of combinations, the prize offered in this game also tends to get larger. As a matter of fact, the prize fund may reach up to a thousand dollars or even more, for some hot-selling themes, including the beloved Powerball lottery game. If you want to make the biggest profits out of Mega Gems, you should place your bets from the first to the tenth pay line. Although there are a number of slot machines that offer progressive jackpots, the progressive version of Mega Gems pays out the most because of its longer betting duration. It is also important to remember that the longer the duration the greater your chances of making the biggest profits out of it.

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