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Lucky Creek Casino Review


According to stats and research, Lucky Creek Casino is a medium-sized internet casino income-wise. The income of such a casino is certainly an important consideration since large casinos should not have problems paying out huge wins, while even smaller casinos may struggle when you manage to cash out big in small installments. For this reason, one of the things that I look at when I am considering gambling my money at an internet casino is its potential income stream, and what I can expect over the long term. Lucky Creek Casino has a steady but slow pay rate, and thus it is not a fast-growing internet casino.

However, even with this slower payout rate, Lucky Creek Casino has managed to keep its players happy, and that is a good sign. So, in this review, I will address some of the positive and negative aspects of online casinos that have their customer support representatives. Let’s begin!


What are the upsides and downsides of Lucky Creek Casino?

LuckyCreek Casino

First, let’s get into the positive aspect of Lucky Creek Casino. Let’s say that I have spent about three hundred dollars in gamble money at the casino. This is the typical range for what I consider to be a “good” casino. Lucky Creek Casino does not necessarily stack up well against other mid-level casinos when it comes to customer support. While it is true that the customer support at this casino is below the norm, I can still give it the benefit of the doubt because I’ve had some great experiences. The one bad experience I had at Lucky Creek Casino was a loss of around fifty dollars, but this was by a very generous customer.

Let’s talk about the positive aspects of customer support at the lucky creek casino. While the main focus for us players is the bonus amount and the tight restrictions that surround the bonus amount, the actual service that we receive is worth mentioning. The reason I say this is because the customer service representative is knowledgeable about the game, which is important for a variety of reasons.

We all know that video-poker machines can get pretty addictive. However, when you are playing at one of the more popular casinos like the ones found at the Gold Coast, you don’t want to be playing video poker for an hour, only to walk away from the table with nothing (a loss of around fifty dollars). This is why the representatives are there to ensure that we (ourselves) do not make these kinds of mistakes. Lucky Creek Casino has a variety of different reputations when it comes to handling their machines, such as the fact that they are constantly upgrading their equipment.


A big thing that most people enjoy at the LuckyCreek Casino

It is the fact that they feature a variety of slot games. For example, they feature both video slots and live casino slots. Of course, the live slots tend to get everyone’s attention, but many people (myself included) prefer to play video slots because they can spend more time trying to determine which machine is next, rather than trying to figure out which machine has the highest payout.

There have been rumors that state that the slots at the Lucky Creek Casino also have video poker, which is another reason that people choose to play here over other casinos. Video poker is not yet available at the casino, so this is one of the major differences between the casino and others.

In addition to the many video slot machines at the Lucky Creek Casino, the main attraction is the “Lucky Chalk” as well as the magnetic chalkboards. The Lucky Creek Chalk is an electronic device that operates similar to the older “wheel” systems of advertising that featured actors reading off a chalkboard. Each time a player would place a bet on a machine, they could have their choice of three different chalk colors: red, blue, or black. If you wanted a chalk color other than those three, you had to pay a small additional fee.

These three colors represented betting, whether players wanted to play for money or free spins. At certain times of the day, the lucky players on the Lucky Creek leaderboard would have a special drawing for a free spin, and if they chose the correct color, they would receive a free spin on that machine. At other times, a different random visitor would draw the same color and get a free spin as well.

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